Student Reviews

Amy / Ardmore, PA

Leave your preconceived notions and past meditation experiences at the door. Be willing to simply open your mind in new ways and allow the process to unfold.

I would liken this method to walking outside in the fog, it’s only when you return from your long walk that you realize you’re wet. It’s a slow process that’s working and you’re slightly unaware of it,  until some weeks pass. It requires patience, letting go, being open to what may be a very new experience and method.

I work a stressful job, have a brother with stage four cancer, three children, and am in the process of divorce. Five months later the change for me has been pretty incredible. We truly are 100% a product of our thoughts and the emotions we assign to them , or as you will learn from the incredibly kind, patient, wonderful, Helpers, it’s your false mind.

I’m grateful to the method of throwing away me, which is false, which must be truly thrown away.

Do the work and know your false mind for the first time.



Monica / Philadelphia, PA

When I started meditation I was very stressed and emotional.

I had a lot of anxiety, anger, insomnia and nightmare about my mom’s death.

She passed away 2 years prior to starting this meditation.

I began to notice changes within myself after 3-4 weeks after starting this method.

These days, I feel calm and truly free from life’s burdens.

This method is extremely powerful and I highly recommend it to everyone, whether you feel you “need” it or not.

IT IS essential if you want to live a life of TRUE happiness.



Robert / Drexel Hill, PA

Awesome! It works and they’re super friendly. Love talking with Helpers. Came here in July 2016 to help relieve anxiety. Didn’t know exactly what to expect. Admittedly it’s a bit weird at first. I’m glad I stuck with it. Feeling much happier and far less anxious. I’m bothered less by normal day to day issues.

How it works:
I’ve studied other forms of meditation. The form practiced at Mainline is based on the idea is that worries and anxieties are caused by thinking about the past or future. Through meditation, you will ‘throw away the images’ of your past. Think of it like cleaning your brain. It gets full of junk over the course of your life. Cleaning makes a huge difference…so much lighter and free.

It was difficult the first time I did this. Lots of memories I didn’t like. It got easier each time I did this.

How long does it take?
The answer is based on how long you’ve been alive. More living means more memories to clean. Have patience, the results will come.



Shannon Lee / Philadelphia, PA

This meditation literally changed my life. I love their method. It is deep…….high level that I reached I became wise & secure. I recommend everyone to this method & experience changes of quality life.