Program & Events

Our community program & events



Introductory Classes

Interested in meditation? Want to learn more about what we do? Contact us to schedule an Introductory class any day of the week that best fits your schedule and visit! The Intro class is about 45 to 60 minutes and it’s free!


Regular Program

There is open enrollment and ongoing meditation classes everyday. Includes lectures, meditation (both individual and group classes), checked meditation progress and consultation by Helpers (trained meditation guides).



​In-House Meditation Retreat

A monthly series of an All-Day Meditation In-House Retreat to encourage members to have an intensive meditation experience. However, members can stay as long or as little as they like. Enjoy good company with fellow students and let’s share this journey together. Meals and exercise activities are included. Please speak with staff members for more information.



Levels Group Meditation Classes

With 7 levels to the program, each month and with each level, students gather to get insight about the level of meditation they are practicing and to collectively meditate together.



Community Service

Living for others and action meditation are important aspects of our meditative discipline. Up until now we have only lived for ourselves and as such, learning to live for others is an integral part of our study.

Together we choose opportunities to serve the community and engage in deepening our action meditation. We encourage all the community service opportunities to be student led and chosen. Therefore, if you are a student at our center and are passionate about community service involvement and/or have any ideas please let us know!