Walking outside in the fog

Amy / Ardmore, PA   Leave your preconceived notions and past meditation experiences at the door. Be willing to simply open your mind in new ways and allow the process to unfold. I would liken this method to walking outside in the fog, it’s only when you return from your long walk that you realize you’re wet. It’s a slow process that’s working and you’re slightly unaware of it,  until some weeks pass. It requires patience, letting go, being open […]

Cleaning makes a huge difference…so much lighter and free.

Robert / Drexel Hill, PA   Awesome! It works and they’re super friendly. Love talking with Harrison and Cindy. Came here in July 2016 to help relieve anxiety. Didn’t know exactly what to expect. Admittedly it’s a bit weird at first. I’m glad I stuck with it. Feeling much happier and far less anxious. I’m bothered less by normal day to day issues. How it works: I’ve studied other forms of meditation. The form practiced at Mainline is based on […]

My life is much more rewarding and enjoyable

Beth, Chesterbrook, PA / I was in a very low place when I walked through the doors and sat down to talk to my guide. I had been meditating on and off for 20 years, but it was not working… I was not peaceful. I decided to let go of any preconceived notions of what I thought Enlightenment was and I listened. I told the guides I could not come often, but after the second week… I was coming nightly […]


Darragh,  Brooklyn, New York /   “After three years of intensive study, I recently completed the entire course. I am writing this while still digesting the magnitude of this experience, however, without any illusions, I can say that I have so much hope for the world right now because of this method. My heart has never felt more open. My mind never felt so free of anger, selfishness, hatred and attachments. I’ve never felt more alive, more at peace, more myself, and […]

From despair to hope

Jon, Conshohocken, PA /   When I first came to Main Line Meditation I was suffering from many serious health conditions including Lyme Disease, severe digestive illness, as well as severe anxiety and depression. The list went on from there, I felt so overwhelmed and hopeless. The sense of despair I felt had gotten to a point where I had truly lost the will to live. My progress has been slow and steady but through this meditation I am coming more […]

A life of true happiness

Monica, Philadelphia, PA /   When I started meditation I was very stressed and emotional. I had a lot of anxiety, anger, insomnia and nightmare about my mom’s death. She passed away 2 years prior to starting this meditation. I began to notice changes within myself after 3-4 weeks after starting this method. These days, I feel calm and truly free from life’s burdens. This method is extremely powerful and I highly recommend it to everyone, whether you feel you “need” it or not. IT IS essential if you want to […]