Walking outside in the fog

Amy / Ardmore, PA


Leave your preconceived notions and past meditation experiences at the door. Be willing to simply open your mind in new ways and allow the process to unfold.

I would liken this method to walking outside in the fog, it’s only when you return from your long walk that you realize you’re wet. It’s a slow process that’s working and you’re slightly unaware of it, ¬†until some weeks pass. It requires patience, letting go, being open to what may be a very new experience and method.

I work a stressful job, have a brother with stage four cancer, three children, and am in the process of divorce. Five months later the change for me has been pretty incredible. We truly are 100% a product of our thoughts and the emotions we assign to them , or as you will learn from the incredibly kind, patient, wonderful, Harrison and Cindy, it’s your false mind.

I’m grateful to the method of throwing away me, which is false, which must be truly thrown away.

Do the work and know your false mind for the first time.

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