From despair to hope

Jon, Conshohocken, PA /   When I first came to Main Line Meditation I was suffering from many serious health conditions including Lyme Disease, severe digestive illness, as well as severe anxiety and depression. The list went on from there, I felt so overwhelmed and hopeless. The sense of despair I felt had gotten to a point where I had truly lost the will to live.

My progress has been slow and steady but through this meditation I am coming more and more to know Truth which is the mind of acceptance rather than resistance. I have come to know that my physical condition is not the enemy but my mind of resistance and resentment is. As I continue to meditate my feelings of anger and resentment about my life circumstances are gradually fading away and I now have true hope – the hope of living with a mind that is completely absent of all negativity and resistance. My life’s goal now is not overcoming physical adversities but achieving this infinite true mind. I strongly recommend this meditation to anyone desires to abandon their false minds and live a life of Truth.



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