Live Well

To live without attachments is to live well.
To live without self is to live well.
To stand in Truth is to live well.
To live without confrontation is to live well.
To live a life of that is of nature’s flow is to live well.
To live as one is to live well.
To know that life is eternal is to live well.
To live without worries, pain, or agony is to live well.
To live as the emptiness is to live well.

As Naked As The Day You Came

Where have you come from
and where will you go?
Do you have sadness?
Do you have kleshas?
If so what?
Are they kleshas of knowledge?
Are they kleshas of meetings and farewells?
Are they kleshas of death?
Are they kleshas of birth, sickness, and old age?
Whatever sadness or worries you may have
they are all your meaningless delusions,
which have been born of your impure discernment.
Thus if you were to abandon all of your attachments
you would be free from your sadness.
In society today,
a person’s worth is determined by
his state of wealth and rank,
and people believe that such things enrich their beings
which are nothing more than empty shells.
But man is an existence that departs
as naked as the day he arrived.
Do you not go alone just as you have come alone?
Once you find yourself,
you will come to know that
you have come from nowhere and will go nowhere;
once you truly realize that
you are bound to your sadness, kleshas, and delusions
and are thus not really alive,
you will become Buddha.
Kleshas, along with all the delusions you see,
are meaningless.
Once you become enlightened
you will understand this logic.


 The flowing water, even as it flows and flows,

always follows it’s path.

The water swirls and churns,

then becomes a cascade –

it is truly magnificent.

Flowing and flowing, crystal clear water flows.

Whatever is in its way,

it flows unhindered along its path

and even though it runs into thousands of things,

it flows without conflict, without speaking.

Following the flowing water’s path,

descending valley after valley,

without change, the water is just water.

Water that is without minds,

goes and goes, somewhere, without any worries.

Even though many things happen,

because the water does not have the mind of those happenings,

they do not exist.

Whatever happens, it is silent.

It does not have even the mind of silence,

so it is free and liberated.

It is the always living Truth itself.

Water knows the laws of the original foundation;

it is the original foundation itself.

Whether or not water exists,

whatever it runs into,

whether or not this or that exists,

water that has no attachments to itself, it is alive.

People, with their many happenings, with their many excuses,

with their individual minds, are shameful.

When one becomes the mind of the clear blue sky,

the mind of water, the mind of nature,

and is reborn from the original foundation,

only then, can one become

the divine, a saint, God, Buddah.

People, living with their evil sins,

do not know to be ashamed.

Believing they are superior and worthy,

they think the world exists for them.

Poems by the Founder of the Method.

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